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Updated: Aug 19, 2021

You are needed. Your presence is essential. Your gifts, your talents, your heart, your passion, your mind, your creativity, your skills, your compassion, your love, your empathy. YOU. You are needed ;

Do not sit on the sidelines wondering where your place is.

You belong here. You were created for a specific team. Your tribe needs you.

You are strong. You are here on purpose, for a purpose. Your team needs you.

We all have crappy days every now and then. All of us. No matter how perfect we want things to go, sometimes we just have a crappy day. And that is ok.

So your day was crap - let it go and pick your self right back up.

Sometimes we literally need to take all that emotional and mental crap and put it right where it belongs - in the wheelbarrow with all the other crap. Then take that crap out and dump it off in the manure pile.

Let it go.

It is easy to get lost in failure - in a mistake - in grief - in regret - in heartbreak - …. One bad thing can capture our thoughts and prevent us from seeing the thousands of blessings that came our way the same day.

Chances are you accomplished more than you think you did. Chances are you are being hard on yourself. Chances are someone out there thought you were wonderful.

Someone needed your smile. Someone needed your love. Someone needed your inspiration. Someone needed the strength from your failure.

Life can be hard. Life can suck. Life can be shitty.

Trust in the Great Spirit to lead you to victory.

You are strong. You my friend are a warrior. Do your best. Lean into wisdom. Gain strength from your tribe. Take wise counsel - and - above all - take action. Handle it - however and whenever you can. That is all that is required.

Tomorrow is a new day. Your mindset is your most under valued asset. Tap into your inner warrior. Change is coming. Even in the messy - your presence matters.

If you have been struggling to find your place, your hope, your purpose, your team - you are ALWAYS welcome on ours. Reach out. You are needed.

You are valued. You are wanted. You are worth fighting for and fighting with. ,’ ,’ ~[[[[->

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