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  • Summer Session starts 1st full week of June

  • Each session runs 10 weeks

  • Classes are Monday evenings from 6:00 - 8:00pm 

A new approach to Veteran and First Responder wellness!


We are excited to offer Horses for Heroes.

Our Equine Assisted  Personal Growth program is FREE to all veterans, active duty, first responders and their families!


Under the guidance of our highly trained team, led by a PATH Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor people with all levels of experience can work with the horses to achieve success.  By learning about your relationship with the horse, you will learn about every other relationship in your life.

Research has proved that Equine Assisted Activities improves symptoms of stress, trauma and overwhelm. We believe through equine based experience, education, and knowledge a vast multitude of “life’s scars” can be overcome, allowing for a reconnected, well-balanced life change for those in need. 

About Horses 4 Heroes

Our Horses 4 Heroes program is for Veterans, First Responders and their families who would like to decrease stress, increase energy and create positive change. This is an experiential program with a focus on building life skills through the study of horse behavior and natural horsemanship.  Interactions with the horse and group may help with various aspects of symptoms by helping you develop greater ability to recognize and express emotions, interact more effectively with others, engage in critical thinking, and increase confidence, communication and assertiveness.

Equine Assisted Personal Growth and Development is primarily an experiential process meaning you learn better through your experiences with the process of interacting with the horses rather than discussing. During this course you will not be retelling the story of what's happened to you or discussing personal trauma and we will not be giving you homework.  We are suggesting it may help you to spend time with the horses in a particular way, and we will help you learn to understand and be in touch with their messages and your own feelings and reactions to them.

HOPE offers three 10 week sessions per year.  One in Spring, Summer and Fall. Groups are 2 hours, 1 times per week.


HOPE Therapeutic Riding Center, Inc has taken great care in setting modest and affordable participant fees for our services.  It is our desire that no family is unable to participate due to financial circumstances. Thanks to community support, HOPE is able to provide program scholarships based on community service and financial need. Scholarships are full or partial providing program fee assistance. Veterans, First Responders and Kids in Care automatically qualify for FULL SCHOLARSHIP. We are able to offer a partial scholarship to all families who wish to participate if requested. The partial scholarship will cover half of the regular program expenses. We are able to keep our fees affordable through fundraising each year.  HOPE does not bill insurance companies or third parties.  

Program Fees: $1,000/ 10 week session

Veteran/First Responder           FULL SCHOLARSHIP - NO CHARGE
ALL Other Participants            Select Full Payment: $1,000 or 2 Monthly Payments of $500

Partial Scholarship                    One payment of: $500 or 2 monthly payments of $250

Scholarships: HOPE is able to subsidize a portion of sessions to make it affordable for each participant.  This is available because of our volunteers and fundraising. Veterans, First Responders and Kids in Care automatically qualify, all other participants are required to fill out a scholarship application. You can apply with the link below.  Additional funding will be determined on a case by case basis by our Scholarship Committee.


Payments:  Scheduled sessions will be billed 30 days in advance of the scheduled session. Payment is due prior to the start of each session.  Monthly payment plans are available upon request.

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