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The safety of the students is paramount at HOPE. Our enrollment process is thorough. We make every effort to accept students into our program as quickly as possible. 


Application: Complete and submit an application.  The link is at the bottom of this page!


New Participant Evaluation: Once the forms have been reviewed you will be contacted to enroll in an upcoming session.  

 Enrollment: The participant will then be enrolled for the next available agreed upon term. Additional information will be discussed during enrollment.


Learn, Ride, Grow! The participant will attend a two hour weekly session for 10 weeks for the term of enrollment. Sessions are the same day and time each week unless otherwise stated for a specific program.  

TRAIL Blazers

Youth Mentor Horsemanship Program

TRAIL Blazers Youth Empowerment program is a small group mentor horsemanship program for ages 12-17 focused on empowering youth by developing life skills necessary for the TRAIL:







This process is about building connected relationships, experiencing, being creative, exploring, problem solving, and discovering practical applications of what they are learning in the moment. Development of life skills such as healthy relationships, confidence, emotional awareness, self-regulation, responsibility, coping and social skills helps children in our program become successful at home, school, and in their communities.  


Activities include:

           Safety & basic horse care             Navigate obstacles & the trail

           Ground work                                Team building & cooperation                         

           Basic riding skills                          



HOPE Therapeutic Riding Center, Inc has taken great care in setting modest and affordable participant fees for our services.  It is our desire that no family is unable to participate due to financial circumstances. Thanks to community support, HOPE is able to provide program scholarships based on community service and financial need. Scholarships are full or partial providing program fee assistance. Veterans, First Responders and Kids in Care automatically qualify for FULL SCHOLARSHIP. This year we are able to offer a partial scholarship to all families who wish to participate if requested. The partial scholarship will cover half of the regular program expenses. We are able to keep our fees affordable through fundraising each year.  HOPE does not bill insurance companies or third parties.  

Program Fees: $1,000/ 10 week session

Veteran/First Responder           FULL SCHOLARSHIP - NO CHARGE
Kids in Care                               FULL SCHOLARSHIP - NO CHARGE

ALL Other Participants            Select Full Payment: $1,000 or 2 Monthly Payments of $500

Partial Scholarship                     One payment of: $500 or 2 monthly payments of $250

Scholarships: HOPE is able to subsidize a portion of sessions to make it affordable for each participant.  This is available because of our volunteers and fundraising.  An application is required.  Additional funding will be determined on a case by case basis by our Scholarship Committee. You can apply for scholarship funding with the link below. 


Payments:  Scheduled sessions will be billed 30 days in advance of the scheduled session. Payment is due prior to the start of each session.  Monthly payment plans are available upon request.


  • Summer Session starts 1st full week of June

  • Each session runs 10 weeks

  • Classes are Wednesday evenings from 6:00 - 8:00pm 

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