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HOPE’s brand new Obstacle Course broke ground in 2023 and will open in the Spring of 2024 with a Leaving Hoofprints Trail Challenge Buckle Series!  Our Trail Challenge Series includes an obstacle challenge, a trail riding challenge and a volunteer challenge! The obstacle course will features over 30 obstacles including a high bridge, balance beams, a trench, several moving bridges, and water obstacles. 

HOPE is excited to announce our partnership with Premier Mount N Trail Association (PMT)! All of HOPE's challenges are PMT sanctioned events and qualify for PMT year end awards for PMT members. The obstacles are built to the PMT standards, which require the obstacles to be constructed in such a manner to protect the safety of both the horse and rider of any size. Most obstacles contain 3 levels of difficulty so there is always a challenge for riders of all experience levels! 


Obstacles are built such that the horse may either be led or rode through each obstacle and there are no limits on breeds, ages, abilities, or disciplines.  Riders are allowed to compete in any type of tack - roping, barrel, jumping, dressage, endurance, etc. - so long as the tack is well fitting and meets the rules set forth by the PMT. Download the PMT Handbook to find out more information on PMT rules and standards.

PMT membership requires a separate membership from LHTC Buckle Series.  You can submit registration for a PMT membership above and start earn points to qualify for year end awards with PMT. 

Ride for a Reason

HOPE offers three 10 week, 40-hour, youth and adult equine assisted personal growth program focused on building life skills through the study of horse behavior and natural horsemanship per year. Veterans, 1st Responders, their families and Kids in Care participate at NO COST to them!  In addition we offer partial scholarship to other families in need. We are able to do this thanks to the Orlandini Foundation, our Sponsors & Volunteers!  A donation is made from every challenge to help keep these programs FREE to participants!  Thank you for your support! 

To register for the Buckle Series complete the LHTC Buckle Series Registration Form and submit payment. This form includes your yearly Liability Release and submission of your current coggins.  Membership is activated once all forms have been submitted.



  1. Do I have to register in the Buckle Series to compete in challenges? No, you are welcome to participate in challenges; however, you will not earn points for year end awards.

  2. Do I have to register for both LHTC Buckle Series and PRT Membership in order to compete for awards? No, you do not have to register for both; however, you will only earn points and awards for the organization you are registered with. (Ex If you are registered for LHTC Buckle Series you can earn awards and compete for the Grand Champion Buckle for HOPE but you will not be entered into PMT year end awards.) 

  3. Do I have to fill out a membership/series form with each challenge registration? No, membership for the LHTC Buckle Series and PMT is an annual registration.

  4. Do I have to select and register for all the total challenges required to qualify for points when registering for the Buckle Series? No. You can sign up for all of the challenges at once if you choose or you can wait and register prior to each challenge.  

  5. Do I have to complete the total amount of points listed for Trail Ride Challenges to qualify? No, you do not have to complete the full amount of the points in order to submit and earn towards the Buckle Series awards.  However, you will earn additional awards and recognition for completion of the amount listed with each challenge! 

  6. Do I have to register for the Volunteer Challenge to earn points as a volunteer? No, ALL volunteers are automatically registered and can earn awards and points.  The Volunteer Challenge Bundle provides additional perks and points!



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