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Happy 4th of July! Take time to honor and appreciate your freedom today!

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Today is a great day to celebrate our freedom. Growing up in the “Land of the Free” at times we take for granted “we are free”, or don’t really stop to think about “what it means to be free”, or to even ponder “are we really free”.

As people we are both free and limited in our freedom. When we hear “freedom” we are quick to think about physical freedom, but often don’t give thought to our emotional, mental and spiritual freedom or the depth that these areas tend to hold us in bondage.

To what extend has your stress, overwhelm or traumatic experiences reduced your freedom to take healing action? Right now, where are you free and where are you unfree?

Today is a great day to ponder our freedom.

At any given point in life we may be at our least free…maybe we have fallen into addiction and direct our lives around the pull of a substance. At another point along the trail we may be at our most free…20 years into wellbriety, living a fulfilling, purposeful, calm, aware life. Our amount of freedom may dramatically shift and change over time.

We are not completely free, but we are free to some extent – and that matters!

Your goal for today is to honor and appreciate your freedom. However large or small that may be. It is not to be scorned or dismissed. Honor your freedom in some real way, maybe doing some free thing! Like writing a gratitude list, pamper yourself with some self-love, spend time with family and loved ones!

Feel your freedom. Visualize it expanding.

Ask yourself “how can I grow my freedom”? Say to yourself “I am going to grow my freedom”, then hold that belief and intention.

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