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Final Full Moon of the Year AND Decade Provides Perfect Time for a Little Self-Love

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

The final full moon of the year AND of the decade will arrive on Thursday. December’s Cold Moon or also called the Long Night’s Moon will be in full illumination on 12/12 at 12:12am! However, the best time to view The Cold Moon is just before sunset or sunrise the following morning when it is closest to the horizon.

The Cold Moon is about finding and renewing strength to get through the winter ahead. It is a time for rest and reflection as the cold winter passes. It is a time to see the long view of our path - where we have come from and where our journey is going- a time to slow so we may recharge for the new season to come. This Cold Moon not only brings the final full moon for this year but for the decade providing us the opportunity to recharge for the month, the year and the entire decade!

The full moon is a powerful time to connect with yourself, the Great Spirit, and with others. The full moon is the most powerful energetic phase of the moon, it is a time for releasing, renewing and for celebrating. Anything you are feeling or doing will be amplified by the energy of the full moon, so be intentional about what you want to bring into your life and what needs to be removed!

The full moon provides the perfect time for a little self-care love. Recharge mind, body and spirit with a Sacred Full Moon Circle! This month’s circle is extra special because not only can you reflect on this month’s intentions, but you can take time to release and renew from the year and the entire decade! There is no better full moon to begin a new self-care ceremony on! You can take inspiration from others around you, however, be sure to use your intuition to create a Circle customized for you. Don’t be afraid to tailor any aspect according to how you feel led by Spirit.

Here is my favorite circle for releasing and celebrating.

Begin by creating a sacred space; this can be any quiet place you create and mark special with your tools and sacred items.

Then spend a few moments clearing your space and grounding. I like to light a candle, burn sage to clear myself and my area, place any crystals I feel called to closer to me and spend a few moments in breath work to ground.

Next acknowledge intentions, don’t worry if you haven’t set any – think about what plans and goals have you been working towards or trying to accomplish – acknowledge these. Take time to assess where you are at. What has come to fruition what has not? Has any of it changed or evolved? What road blocks have you encountered? What emotions are you feeling around it? In order for an intention to manifest, the resistance around it needs to soften. Use a journal and write freely, allow yourself the space to release what’s on your heart and mind.

Next write down and release any fears or negative feelings you have around your intentions. This is also the time to let go of that which no longer serves you. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge these – they came up for a reason – so you can let them go and release the power connected to them.

After you have spent time writing down specifically what you are ready to let go of then write down who or what you are ready to forgive. This could be something that has happened, another person or yourself. Forgiving doesn’t mean the damage never existed….it means it no longer holds power to wound your soul. Send love and feel thankful for the lesson the experience brought you, then let go.

Once done, you can either fold this paper, tear it up or burn it in a safe place. Send it off with a prayer and visualize it being released and carried up to the Spirit World taking the burden off of your shoulders…..feel the lightness after it is gone!

The full moon is a powerful time for growth and manifestation and nothing speeds up that process more than acknowledging what is going well. Since the full moon amplifies whatever energy you put out (good, bad, ugly or indifferent) this is the perfect time to express appreciation. Write down as many things that you can think of that you are grateful for. What are your blessings? What in your life are you thankful for? What intentions have come to manifestation? Remember to acknowledge not only this month, but this year and this past decade! The amazing thing about appreciation is that it releases energy raising your vibration and will instantly begin to attract abundance towards you. The key here is SINSERITY; you must actually feel gratitude. This is the magic that will shift your life quickly and dramatically. Doing this during the full moon will amplify these feelings which increases the rate of manifestation!

Create a space to charge and clear your tools. Spiritual tools carry their own energetic and spiritual frequency. Throughout the month they absorb your energy and the energy around them. A moon bath is a powerful way to recharge. Under the full moon gather your crystals, jewelry, create moon oil and moon water! Depending on weather and the conditions where you live if you are unable to set them out directly under the moon you can place them in a windowsill where they can receive the light and energy from the moon.

Celebrate your growth and experiences over the last two-weeks, year and decade as well as any manifestations that are currently occurring! Do this in whatever fashion best suits you; my personal favorite a moon dance - gather with your girls for a night of dancing under the moon-, a glass of wine, a cup of herbal tea, moonlighta movie, a special dinner, watching your favorite show…celebrate in any fashion that allows you to let go for the night and howl at the moon!

Finish up by spiritually renewing and releasing… favorite…..soaking in a hot bath! Break out your favorite salts, oils and candles. Put on a little serenity music, turn the lights off, allow yourself to submerge into the dark and peacefulness, connect back to the spiritual realm and yourself. Visualize the water recharging you after everything you’ve released. Have confidence knowing the doorway is open and you’re ready to receive everything you’ve intended to receive.

Remember, there is no right or wrong way to hold a Sacred Circle! The full moon releases a powerful spiritual connection for growth, manifestation and celebration. The energy of the full moon will amplify your feelings – good, bad, ugly or indifferent. It is the time to acknowledge your intentions, release that which is hindering you, and celebrate what you have and will accomplish! Create whatever Sacred Circle you feel led by the Spirit to help you grow, release and renew the best. This full moon not only closes out the month – but the year and the decade – imagine the intensity of amplification this holds – so be intentional - and don’t forget to at least take a moment to howl at the moon!!

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