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Rare New Moon Finishes Year & Decade off with a Spectacular Grand Finale...

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

December’s Rare New Moon Finishes the Year and Decade off with a Spectacular Grand Finale and Provides the Perfect Opportunity to Set New Intentions!

The last new moon of the year AND of the decade is almost here! December’s Deep Sleep New Moon will arrive on the 26th of December, the morning after Christmas! The New Moon is a time to rest, relax and set new intentions. This time of the year we can all especially use the time to unwind and relax! The holidays are great, but they bring extra commotion and chaos. This New Moon is the perfect time for you to step out of the busyness of life and relax. Unwind and chillax. Slow down. Clear your mind, your body and your spirit, soak in some self-love, then set new intentions!

This year’s Deep Sleep New Moon is extra special. Not only is it the New Moon leading into a new lunar cycle for the month but also for the new year, for the new decade and will be during a rare Annular Solar Eclipse! An Annular Solar Eclipse is when the moon covers the sun’s center, leaving a “ring of fire” visible against the night sky for much of the world.

The Solar Eclipse symbolizes a major life shift, a transformation is on the horizon with possibilities that are endless. Eclipses help you get out of any ruts, they provide an opportunity to blaze a new trail and start a new chapter in your life leading to emotional fulfillment! Now add in that all of this happens…the New Moon and the Solar Eclipse…during the last month of the year AND the decade and you my friend are left with a small spiritual window open to create and tap into the YOU your heart truly desires to be!

We are in the middle of a time for great transformation. The Deep Sleep Moon provides the closing of one era and the beginning of a new! We will wrap up 2019 with a Solar Eclipse New Moon and begin 2020 with a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon! The Solar Eclipse happening during the Deep Sleep New Moon on December 26th marks the beginning of a brand-new cycle in your life. The Lunar Eclipse happens during the Deep Sleep Full Moon on January 10th and will mark a necessary end to a cycle and culmination in your life. This is the time you need to let go of something that has run its course in your life. These Eclipses on December 26th and January 10th happen in perfect alignment with the end of the year and the end of the decade to magnify and expedite your personal evolution and set you on a brand-new trail for 2020!

Tonight’s Ring of Fire from the Solar Eclipse will be best seen between 9:34pm and 2:01am with peak near midnight, however, here in North America it will not be visible (though you can watch it live on YouTube!) This month’s New Moon Circle is extra special because not only can you set this month’s intentions, but you will be blazing the trail for the next year and the next decade!! My favorite New Moon Circle provides self-love care and time to plan with a cleansing bath, creating sacred space, grounding, prayer, meditation, journaling, setting intentions and visualizing! Create whatever Sacred Circle you feel led by the Spirit to help you rest, relax and plan the best! Here is to the best next 10 years to come!! A’ho

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