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Assisted Living Outreach Program

Seniors N Saddles is one of HOPE's community outreach programs for senior citizens living in local assisted living homes. This program is designed to get seniors out and active while enhancing overall level of enjoyment. 


During their visit participants are introduced to the HOPE horses and have the opportunity to explore, connect, and bond with the horses. Some prefer to only observe and watch the horses and others interacting and that is perfectly fine too! The benefits include increased peace, pleasure, confidence, connection, strength and stamina while reducing stress, agitation, and isolation. Having an opportunity to bond with the horses is a very powerful and memorable experience. Our HOPE family, including volunteers and clients, are encouraged to participate!


Seniors N Saddles activities you may choose from include:

           Grooming                            Feeding Treats                  Observe the Herd                      Equifit

           Leading                                Horse Painting                 Nature Sit Spot                          Yoga

           Therapeutic Riding             Games                               Mindfulness/Journaling             Equine Care

FEE: This program is solely donation based. HOPE is thankful for any donation amount your facility would like to give! HOPE has several sponsor levels if your organization is interested in making your donation count towards a Sponsorship! Our sponsors allow HOPE to grow, provide care for our horses and offset the costs for participants while promoting health and wellness through therapeutic, education and recreational activities with horses. 

If your facility would like to find out information about scheduling a time to visit HOPE or to have us come visit you please submit a request below.

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