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Spirit Horse Wellness Equine Assisted Coaching programs are dedicated to personal transformation through experiential learning and wellness in nature with horses. Coaching is a co-active process where the coach and client work together for personal transformation.  We nurture the journey of healing self by working with individuals to develop skills necessary to grow and live a vital, joyful, integrated life. We approach our clients on level ground. The coach does not hold your answers, but rather guides you in discovery of that which has been outside of your awareness. What sets us apart is the partnership with horses. Our horses deepen the entire process with their keen intuition and soft nature.

In our programs, people experience physical and emotional benefits through riding and interacting with the horses, which can improve self-esteem, relationship skills and quality of life. The work is appropriate for people wanting to work on self-awareness or get past the unfinished business that is keeping them in stuck patterns of behavior, low self-esteem, conflict, or uncomfortable feelings.  Once we are fully present in the here and now and we clean up the unfinished business in ourselves, we are able to take responsibility for our responses and actions with more excitement, energy and courage to live life directly.  This allows us to have increased compassion, humility, and respect in our most important relationships in life.


Spirit Horse Wellness EAC:

  • Fosters patience and empathy

  • Deepens the ability to trust and relate to others

  • Increases control over frustration and anger

  • Develops a strong work ethic

  • Improves social and communication skills

  • Builds self-esteem and self-regulation

  • Leads to the trail of hope and healing





Our EAW team consist of a certified life coach and equine specialist and may include additional equine specialist(s) and volunteers depending on focus and class.  Wellness with horses at HOPE is about increasing emotional and/or physical well-being through activities utilizing horses and their environment. 

            Increases Emotional Well-Being: programs incorporating centering, grounding, and connection stimulated from the rhythmic movement of riding a horse to increase and reorganize the connections in the brain and stimulate and balance internal energy which increases the body’s ability for emotion and impulse control. Participants naturally increase emotional well-being resulting from the release of endorphins fostering joy and peace stimulated during riding. Rhythmic Riding focuses on building connected relationships, developing self-regulation skills, and fosters relaxation, joy and peace. 

            Increasing Physical Well-Being: programs focusing on physical areas to increase flexibility, postural control, normalization of tone, improved balance and strength as well as increasing life skills in educational, cognitive, sensorial, social, emotional, and spiritual areas.




Our EAL team consist of a certified life coach and equine specialist and may include additional specialist(s) and volunteers depending on the number of students and individual needs. Learning with horses at HOPE fosters personal growth and development of life skills. This is an experiential (hands on) mode of learning where students are involved in activities with horses increasing social, emotional, mental and behavioral skills. This process is about building connected relationships, experiencing, being creative, exploring, problem solving, and discovering practical applications of what they are learning in the moment.




Our EAP team consists of a licensed Mental Health professional and a certified Equine Specialist.  Therapy with horses at HOPE is about being able to create and maintain a connected relationship. Our therapy utilizes both the physiology and psychology of the horse to heal the physiology and psychology of the human. This experiential therapy gets beyond simply talking about challenges and instead participants learn by doing, often reaching positive change more quickly than through traditional therapy approaches.



HOPE offers individual and group programming for children, adults, women, senior citizens, and veterans for social, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual well-beingIndividuals from all different backgrounds and ages can benefit. Common reasons people seek our services include:

  • youth empowerment

  • life skill development

  • self discovery

  • goals & vision

  • stress & overwhelm

  • depression & anxiety

  • body image & self love

  • life transitions

  • emotional awareness

  • parenting

  • destructive patterns

  • trauma

  • leadership development

  • coping skill development

  • relationships & marriage

  • unclear life direction

  • conflict

  • empty nest & retirement adjustment

  • caregiver burnout

  • grief & loss



HOPE Therapeutic Riding Center offers open enrollment throughout the year, participants are able to join at any time. There will be no sessions December-January however, participants can enroll during this time. During the school year we follow Rochester’s district schedule for breaks, holidays, regular scheduled closed days, and emergency weather closings.



We are located in a peaceful setting on Black Branch Creek just 1 mile north of the city limits of Rochester, Illinois and only 10 minutes east of Springfield, Illinois. Visitors and farm tours are welcome by appointment, if you would like to schedule a time to visit the ranch we would love to hear from you! Please contact Kimber at to schedule a visit.



Phone: 217-816-8802
Mailing Address: P.O.Box 242. Rochester. IL. 62563
Physical Address: 2590 N. Walnut Rd. Rochester. IL. 62563

Directions:  Head north out of Rochester on north Walnut Rd past the high school, go 1 mile the road will make a 90 degree turn to the left, instead of turning continue straight and enter HOPE Therapeutic Riding Center.

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