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Change the things that you are able to and give to God the things you can not.

The full moon is a powerful time to connect with yourself, the Great Spirit, and with others. The full moon is the most powerful energetic phase of the moon, it is a time for releasing, renewing and for celebrating. Anything you are feeling or doing will be amplified by the energy of the full moon, so be intentional about what you want to bring into your life and what needs to be removed!

You may notice a heaviness in the air or intense emotions that have come to the surface. Are there areas where you are feeling suffocated or powerless, easily irritated or overwhelmed?

The full moon provides a catalyst for change. It magnifies emotions and brings illumination to areas that need to be removed or rebalanced. Does it seem like every little thing wants to trigger you or hold you back lately? How are YOU holding yourself back? What habits or patterns do you have that may be creating an obstacle? This is a great time to evaluate how you are feeling, what you are ready to let go of and what you are ready to let in.

If you are feeling resistance, pressure or oppressive energy during this Full Moon the Spirit is supporting you to shake it off! During the Full Moon the Spirit provides a supercharged energy to rebalance and realign with your greater calling. Tap into this energy and allow it to raise your vibration through movement.

Saddle up and go for a moonlit ride, or take a walk or run along the trail, dance, sing, yoga, or literally stand up and just shake out your entire body from head to toe. Any physical exercise is great for releasing any built up tension and lifting your spirits! Acknowledge the blessings you have and what is going well.

Change the things that you are able to and give to God the things you can not. The growing pains are real but so are the extraordinary blessings that will come from them.

Press through. Claim the space you deserve. Happiness.

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