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The safety of the students is paramount at HOPE. Our enrollment process for EAL & EAP is thorough. We make every effort to accept students into our program as quickly as possible. The enrollment process may be different for Circle's & Summer Camp; see specific enrollment details listed with these classes. 


Application: Complete and submit an application.  The link is at the bottom of this page!


New Participant Evaluation: Once the forms have been reviewed you will be contacted to schedule a  participant evaluation. Session objectives and goals will be discussed and an Individual Development Plan (IDP) will be created. The facilitator will make a recommendation for program placement according to the participant's goals, abilities, and age. 


Placement:  The participant will be placed in a program that is appropriate for their goals and needs.  We assign participants to groups and activities that help them most! 


Enrollment: The participant will then be enrolled for the next available agreed upon term. Additional information will be discussed during enrollment.


Ride, Learn, Grow, Heal! The participant will attend a weekly session for 8 weeks for each term of enrollment. Sessions are usually the same day and time each week unless otherwise stated for a specific program.   


Costs: Finding HOPE Therapeutic Riding Center, Inc has taken great care in setting modest and affordable participant fees for our services.  It is our desire that no family is unable to participate due to financial circumstances. Thanks to community support, HOPE is able to provide program scholarships based on financial need. Scholarships are full or partial providing program fee assistance. This year we are able to offer a partial scholarship to all families who wish to participate according to the sliding income scale below. We are able to keep our fees affordable through fundraising each year.  HOPE does not bill insurance companies or third parties.  


Participant Evaluation: A non-refundable evaluation fee of is required at the time of all new participant evaluations. 


Re-evaluation: A yearly re-evaluation fee of $25 is due at the beginning of each year and covers form and IDP updates. This fee is added to your first scheduled term. 


2021 Sessions:              (8 classes/session unless otherwise stated)

                                       Winter Session : January 27th – March 20th 

                                       Spring Session: March 29th – May 28th

                                       Summer Session: June 7th – July 30th

                                       Fall Session: September 7th – November 12th (8-10 sessions)


                                                                                                            (per 1 hour session)          (per Term: 8 weekly 1 hour sessions)       

EAL- Fee & Sliding Scale    Evaluation    Individual    Group     Individual     Group
Regular Fee                                $125             $125             $75           $1,000           $600      
$124,999 - $100,000                   $100             $115             $65           $920               $520
$99,999 - $80,000                     $80               $110             $55           $880              $440
$79,999 - $65,000                      $65               $90             $45           $720               $360
$64,999-$50,000                        $50               $70             $35           $560               $280
$49,999-$40,000                        $40               $50             $25           $400              $200
$39,999-$30,000                        $30               $40              $20          $320               $160
$29,999-$20,000                        $25               $30              $15           $240               $120
Below $20,000                           $20               $20             $10           $160               $80


Scholarships: HOPE is able to subsidize a portion of sessions to make it affordable for each student.  This is available because of our volunteers and fundraising.  If the already subsidized fee creates a hardship on a full or temporary basis any individual participating in HOPE programs may apply for additional scholarship funding. An application is required.  Additional funding will be determined on a case by case basis by our Scholarship Committee.


Payments:  Scheduled sessions will be billed 30 days in advance of the scheduled session. Payment is due prior to the start of each session.  Monthly payment plans are available upon request.


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